You Determine what Your Handyman Job Looks like

Evaluate the skills you need to acquire in order to work in the niche you would like to be working in. Usually you’ve already have the skills, but maybe you don’t feel real comfortable working in those niches because you think you need to learn more. Ask yourself am I willing to acquire the skills and knowledge to become proficient in these niches? If you are, then go ahead and look at where you can get those skills, you may have to travel some distance to go to a school.

Quite often, a local community  check over here  college or junior college class is available or maybe there is a vocational tech school close by. Sometimes you may have to sign-up for private schooling at a higher cost but the good news is, quite often classes are short and intensive so you go there and in a few weeks you can acquire a ton of new skills, knowledge, and resources very quickly.

As you can see this is an easy process you can do what I did I made a long list of all the skills I possessed all the tasks that i knew how to do and everything I had done up to that point my life. I then itemized niches or sub categories of things that I would enjoy doing. I just wrote them all down I did not ask if i could do it, these are just things I wanted to. I then evaluated each niche I want to do along with my skill level in each niche. I found the skills I was lacking in, I researched classes and courses that i could attend to upgrade my skill proficiency. I decided my ideal handyman job would be a cowboy, but that wasn’t feasible because of my location and age, I then modified the cowboy niche went to horseshoeing school in another state. I then spent the next 20 years shoeing and training horses, it worked out wonderful, I was as close to being a cowboy is I could get.

Let us say your pilot light on the gas heater will not stay lit, your key is stuck in the lock when you try to turn the dead bolt lock on your door, you need to install some mini-blinds in two windows in an upstairs bedroom, and you want to build a small tool shed in the backyard. If you does not see yourself working on these tasks, you need a handyman contractor.

A handyman is a generalist. They are usually relying on prior experience in home construction or as a home or property owner. They are not experts. But do you need an expert? If your problem is a gas appliance, you need an expert. Where did you buy your heater? What brand is it? Is the heater under warranty? Start with the service desk where you bought the heater or with an appliance store that sells your brand of heater. They may have a service department that includes heating experts, or they may recommend a local expert. If they do not have any recommendations, go to the Internet or telephone directory to look up companies that repair, install and maintain gas appliances. Your local gas company can also suggest local contractors for repairing gas appliances.

The point is that you need to find someone with expertise who is either working in their own business where they have expertise, or who is employed by a business for their expertise. You want to do business with a business because of the built in accountability that is common practice.

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