Vacation Packages Beat Vacationing by Trial and Error

Holiday time can prove very stressful for some travelers. One story relayed to me recently was about a haphazard vacation in New Zealand that left the party wishing they’d had someone else organize their holiday package. The small family group of distant cousins started with grand ideas of a vacation after a reunion at a local winery. They decided to cut costs by car pooling and staying with each other’s relations in the same area (East Coast of New Zealand) for three weeks. Unfortunately, no one put their hand up to take responsibility for bookings and in January, a peak season travelling time in New Zealand, if you haven’t pre-booked by at least six months – you will find out very fast that there are limited facilities in New Zealand.

Those basic transport details found the party floundering at the start of their vacation, where ferry tickets needed to be prepaid some members hadn’t done this, so they purchased different tickets at different prices. These differences led to arguments over whose turn it was to pay for petrol and to general ill feeling amongst the group.

Accommodation also wasn’t booked anywhere around New Zealand and visiting the smaller towns, hoping for the best, was a risky situation. One of the best ways to handle this could’ve been to pre-purchase a New Zealand vacation package with some nights pre-booked, especially in smaller towns. This would’ve given these travelers ample time to visit their relations and find out if there really was room for everyone to stay at the same place, rather than just landing on their doorstep.

All that aside, they managed to get over their differences and still had a good vacation but with a bit more planning it could’ve been a great vacation. They could’ve avoided the daily juggling act of finding accommodation, had private rooms and peaceful, uninterrupted sleep – which people find is very important when you’re on the move. The spontaneity of this kind of New Zealand vacation could be sending shudders down your spine right now, or you might think it sounds wildly exciting and liberating. Either story beat mod apk way, if you’re looking at travelling in New Zealand any time soon it is highly recommended that you take the time to check out what kind of vacation packages are available before heading off in a potentially disastrous direction.

These packages come in all shapes and sizes for varying lengths of time, different prices and with or without a guide. A full itinerary can be sent to you with options, months ahead of schedule. As long as you pay the bill, responsibility for your vacation is handed over – usually to someone with a lot more experience. Just consider the difference in a vacation if there is someone telling or advising you where to eat, what time you meet for the next excursion and having it all prepaid. That would avoid contentious issues like whose turn it is to pay for the next petrol bill or disappointment in missing out on a day’s activity.

On a New Zealand vacation package, there will be a real bed waiting for you at the end of the day with all the mod-cons (hot running water) in the bathroom and privacy. Driving on the one-lane highways can prove a challenge to the best New Zealand drivers so it is bliss to be driven around and really take in your new environment. Driving is a stressful job you can leave behind and find more time to relax with a few drinks at dinner, leaving the guide to transport you home.


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