Tired of the Duster? Air Duct Cleaning Helps Keep Your Home Cleaner

Does it seem like every time you turn around your furniture is covered with dust again? If you are noticing that you need to clean your home more often just to keep the film of dust away, and frequently catch glimpses of swarms of dust particles in the air, it may not be your cleaning methods that are to blame. What is really behind the dust and dirt settling in your home on a daily basis could actually be a buildup of debris and contamination in your home’s heating and cooling unit and air duct system.5 Things to Ask When Getting an Air Duct Cleaning Service | St. Paul, MN -  Blue Ox Heating & Air

Your home’s heating and cooling system is more complex that you are likely to realize i’m feeling curious. Not just one piece, it is actually comprised of many components, all of which work together to control the temperature and relative humidity in your home so that it remains comfortable throughout the year. Within this system is the heating and cooling unit itself, which takes the air and either heats it or cools it, which is actually removing moisture and heat. Once the air has been processed it is forced through the air duct system so that it can be distributed throughout your home via the vents in each of the rooms. These vents are also responsible for taking air into the system so that it can be circulated. With this intake, however, comes contamination and debris.

An air duct cleaning professional can tell you that the average home suffers from poor indoor air quality as a result of a heating and cooling system that is improperly maintained and air ducts that are not kept clean. In fact, most homes have several inches of built up contamination and debris in the air ducts and clogging the components of the heating and cooling unit. Not only does this contribute to a variety of health concerns including respiratory infections, headaches, increased allergy symptoms and asthma attacks, but it also puts a strain on your home’s energy. A heating and cooling system that is clogged cannot operate properly and will require more energy in order to function. This increases your electricity bills and reduces the benefit of the system.

Of course, if the air in your home has traces of the debris and contamination that exist in your air ducts, this means that those particles that are not breathed in will settle on the surfaces of your furniture and your floor. Thorough air duct cleaning services will help you to put down the duster and spend your time enjoying the clean, comfortable air in your home

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