The New LED Technology Looks Sharp

When the flat screen televisions burst king tv on firestick on the scene a handful of years ago, everyone clamored to get a look at them. Now they are common place in most homes and a lot of people are hard pressed to remember life without one.

The first flat screens were all plasma and there was no such thing as HD in the first models. Then high definition was introduced and you could get a flat screen television with HD but it was substantially more. As more and more units sold and the technology was perfected, the prices started to come down to a point where more people could afford them.

LCD flat screens were then introduced and by that time almost all sets were being made HD compatible. People like the LCD screens and now they have effectively pushed plasma to the back. If you go into your local Best Buy now, there will be a small section for plasma models and everything else will be LCD. It seems LCD has won that battle.

But as with so many other things in the world of technology, there is a new kind of flat screen that is already in the stores. LED flat screens made by Samsung is a kind of LCD technology but with backlighting that saves about 40% on electricity. Not only that, all models are an incredible 1.2 inches thin and the color and clarity is breathtaking.

All you have to do is go into a store with an LED television and your jaw is likely to drop. For anyone worried about the weight of hanging a flat screen on the wall, these new thin LED sets are just what you were looking for. The color and bright screen is crystal clear which makes these new TV’s very desirable. right now the price is high at more than double what an LCD screen would cost but the price should begin to come down as more and more are made. Don’t worry: more and more will be made as demand for these will be big I predict.

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