Remodeling Projects Feature Room Renovations For Changing Families

After living in the same house for some time, making changes to accommodate the number of people in it calls for a home remodeling project. Whether it is a new addition to the family or students heading off to college, it calls for a professional design build contractor. One of the most popular projects in Northern Virginia home remodeling is converting an office or study into a baby’s room. It is sometimes difficult or nearly impossible to imagine the changeover from a dark and serious atmosphere for grown-ups to a cozy, bright and cheerful room for a baby.

Using different design elements, a Northern Virginia home additions specialist can help the homeowner find the perfect combination to transform the room into a nursery. Choose a contractor that knows how to stay on budget and is familiar with the latest trends in home renovating and redecorating.

Before contacting Alexandria remodeling services or Fairfax remodeling companies, the consumer should take some time to consider which room custom cabinets orange county will be renovated. Take measurements of the room from top to bottom on all four walls. Factor in windows, doors, vents, electrical outlets, phone jacks, closets, wall protrusions and immovable objects.

Begin looking at nursery furniture and determine what motif will be chosen for the room’s décor. Going with brightly colored furniture instead of pastels or white will affect how it looks with the floor and wall coloring. Many collections have matching window treatments and room accessories to go with crib sets and furniture.

After contacting the design build contractor, how to remodel the room will require consideration of many other elements. A computerized software program will allow the homeowner to look at different features of nursery décor without walking around with swatches, wood panels and paint chips.

Decide what material the floor will be made of and whether the existing material needs to be replaced. If it is currently hardwood, look at what type of shape it is in and determine if it needs remodeling or should be covered over with carpeting. Hardwood flooring looks nice and can be decorated with area rugs. It is harder on bare feet, but carries less odor. Carpeting is soft on bare feet late at night and adds a cozy feel to a nursery. Tile is yet another option. It is economical and easy to have installed.

Choose from paneling, paint and/or wallpaper or textured walls. Use something that can be easily modified in a few years when the room changes over from the baby’s nursery to a toddler’s room.

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