Professions in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Professions – What are they and how to use them?

World of Warcraft professions are divided into two groups, primary and secondary. A player may only have two primary professions but all 3 secondary ones.

All World of Warcraft professions can be broken down into Gathering, Production (Crafting) and Service professions.

World of Warcraft Secondary Professions

The secondary professions in World of Warcraft are: Fishing, Cooking and First Aid.

Of the secondary professions, fishing is the only gathering one. Cooking and First Aid can be regard as production, yet there is not much demand for most of the items you will do with them except self-use!

World of Warcraft Primary Professions

The Gathering professions

The Gathering professions are Herbalism, Mining and Skinning. These are the only Primary professions that have a chance to fail when being used.

The Gathering professions are pretty straight forward in what you’ll be doing. As an Herbalist, you pick plants, Miners find ore lodes using their pick to dig them out and Skinners use their skinning knife on dead animals to collect the hides. In this regard being a gatherer is also the most simple of the professions.

Gathering materials (mats) take little time, but you will need to go out and get them. For ores and stones (Mining) as well as for herbs (Herbalism) you will need to find nubs of materials. Nubs appear on the map and can be pickup by players that have those professions, thereby you are in competition with other players on them.

Leather and hide (Skinning) can be obtain from dead mobs, usually beasts. You can skin yours and other player kills if they don’t have Skinning profession.

Your can sell these raw ingredients for nice prices at the Auction House and on the trade channel.

The Crafting and Service Professions

There are more Crafting and Service professions in  Buy wow gold  World of Warcraft than any other professions, to name some – Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Enchanting and Tailoring.

All of those professions works the same, you need to learn to make an item, get (or make) the mats you need to craft that item and spend a little time to actually make it.

You can sell many of the items you can make, but many times the mats to make them are more value than the end product.

The big benefit for having Crafting and Service professions is that you can make and use special items that you will not have access to those items in any other way.

How To Level Your Professions In World of Warcraft

With Primary and Secondary professions your skill level does not automatically increase when you level up, you will need to work for that.

When you level up your professions you will have a max level you can gain.


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