My Car Is Dead, What Do I Do With It?

As all too many people junk a car for cash know, cars can just die on you sometimes for no apparent reason whatsoever. It could be for a number of different mechanical or electrical reasons, but what’s most important to you is figuring out what the heck just happened and what you’re going to do with this junk car? Most people will initially of course take it to a mechanic and have it inspected to see what the issue is, only to find out that the cost to fix it, costs close to or even way more than the current market value of the car. If it’s a new car you may very well just end up paying the costs, because even if it’s something expensive like a transmission, the price to fix or replace it more than likely would not cost as much as it would to buy a new car, and the thought of getting rid of it most likely would not even cross your mind at all.

However, what about all the other car owners out there, the ones that the cost to fix it are extremely high and are close to what the car is actually worth? What are they going to do with their car in this situation? I mean after the towing fee to the mechanic, the outrageous estimate the mechanic gives you, on top of the charge to just have the diagnostics done the costs are already starting to add up, and if you don’t get it fixed because it costs too much, you’ll have to pay to have the car towed back to your home. It’s not a good feeling, and believe me I’ve been there I know. It really comes down to some tough decisions that need to be made, and I’m a real penny pincher so my decision was a tough one.

You can find yourself with many different thoughts and options that may be available to you once you’ve decided it’s not worth keeping the car. I mean you can try to sell it yourself, but that takes time and maybe even more money if you place paid ads. You can just have a tower pick it up which will usually charge you for the tow, or start calling around and finding out what different scrap / junk yards will pay you for it which isn’t usually a lot considering they usually only pay for the amount in scrap weight. Amazingly you may actually find a place that will pay cash for junk cars. They will have your car picked up, towed away for free and actually pay you for your vehicle. So, try to remember that there are companies out there that do this out there before you give your car away for free or end up paying to have it towed away.

Hi, my name is Mike Frantel, and besides myself, I know many people that have been in similar situations like above. Ironically, I ended up working for a company that pays Cash For Junk Cars. Please visit our website when you get the chance, and please feel free to ask us any type of questions you may have about junk car removal and your current situation.


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