Is it Really Possible to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction?

Well one answer is that nobody really knows for sure as we don’t yet fully understand how it works. The other answer, (and the one that our staff lives by) is that using the laws of attraction opens up your mind to a new way of thinking and brings more joy into your life, whether it be winning the lottery jackpot, or just having a better day at work.

The key aspect of the Law of Attraction is BELIEVE. When we say believe, we don’t mean that you chant to yourself, “I’m going to win the lottery” over and over again, even though deep down you have doubts. ซื้อหวยออนไลน์ You have to have NO doubts. You have to visualize yourself with that lottery check, or that new promotion. It’s been written many times before, but being humans we tend to believe for a few days and then go back to our old ways of thinking. It takes practice and an understanding of how the universe works.

At our offices we have a book by John Kehoe called “Mind Power into the 21st Century”. Even if you don’t want to win the lottery (can’t believe we just wrote that!) but want to change your outlook on life and your surroundings, we strongly recommend this book. We would lend our copy but it’s incredibly dog-eared from all our staff reading! You can also go online to John website “Learn mind” to get a taste for the book. Anyway whether it is the new car, house, lottery win, or just a better way of thinking, we will always recommend using the law of attraction in your daily life.

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