From Wedded Bliss To A T Shirt Design Completion – The Dream Solution

It’s funny isn’t it, how men and women work so differently. If you mention a t shirt design competition to a woman she’ll probably start to think about necklines, shoulder shapes, tailored cuts and fabrics. If on the hand you mention t shirt competitions to men, they’ll probably start to dream about hose pipes and wet material.

Yet there is something which can unite both men and women when it comes to a t shirt design completion, and that’s money. Women love to spend it, and men love to pretend it’s the women who love to spend it. But for good or bad, money is something that can unite us all, whether it’s the lack of it, or the gain of it. The fact that an on-going competition run by one well known funny t shirt retailer has been offering £250 for a single t shirt design, and £150 just for a witty slogan demonstrates that there’s a real market not just for quirky and witty t shirts, but for people to make money from ranting.

Let’s face it, in this country ranting is perhaps the only other thing besides money which can unite both men and women. That’s not to suggest that men and women both agree with each other about whatever it is they’re ranting about. But at least they’re ranting together, and usually about the same thing. Husbands and wives love ranting with each other – why else do they spend so much of their time together doing it?

Married life provides a joyful abundance of subjects about which to rant, from bathroom habits to sleeping positions, from cleaning and tidying to taking the kids out, and from the performance in the bedroom to the performance of the joint bank sexy high waisted bikini account, both of which can often be disappointing. Nobody likes a bank account that suffers from premature evaporation.

But today online t shirt design competitions provide a fantastic opportunity for men and women to transfer the energy from their daily rant into something creative and positive. Imagine: one argument a day transformed into a winning t shirt design that can be shared with the world could generate over £90,000 a year! Arguing with your partner has never been so appealing!

Perhaps the best approach would be for you and your partner to sit down one day and compose a list of all of the subjects you’ve argued about over the past few days. Of course, this could take a while in some cases, so it’s probably best to bring a picnic and a few bottles of drink. Husbands often find that their wives are particularly good at composing a list, built as they are with the innate skill of remembering every last detail of every conversation ever held with their husbands over the past twenty years. For their part wives often feel that they have to create the list simply because their husbands were too busy thinking about what’s for dinner whilst grunting ‘Yes, Love” and ‘”Sorry, Dear” at regular intervals throughout the football match on TV.

From retro to politics, religion to home life, the range of subjects is colossal. If you have a particular subject which gets your goat up (or sheep if you’re that way inclined) then it may well be worth you seeking out one of these online t shirt design competitions and pocketing the cash. But remember, it’s not just about the money, its about getting your message out there. Nothing says you’ve won the argument with your partner better than pointing out that there are several hundred people walking the streets of the UK wearing your slogan on their chests.

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