Food Service Jobs for Felons

Food Service Jobs may be the best starting point for people with felony convictions to get into a decent career.

It is no secret that ex-felons have trouble competing with more qualified non-offenders for decent jobs. Not only does the stigma against offenders takes its toll, the years of incarceration restuarants near me often deny a person the work experience that employers look for when they read the resumes. However, there are certain industries that are a lot more hospitable to people with felony convictions and offer jobs without looking at the bad record. The food service industry is one of those industries. If you have tarnished record, it is advisable to investigate this option!

Do you know that the food service industry is constantly hiring? With a turnover rate of over one hundred and thirteen percent, job seekers need not compete with each other to get a job. There is a huge space for anyone looking for jobs – even for people with felony charges. This is why you need to take your chances on this type of job. Are you aware that according to studies, the food service sector offers the most jobs for felons? If not, now you know. There is no reason not to try!

So what sort of food service jobs for felons are available? People with felony charges will surely not feel discriminated against with the types of jobs because from top to bottom an ex-felon will surely find a space to squeeze in.

Here are some food service jobs for ex-felons:


Waiters or waitresses and bartenders all constitute this type of jobs. To become a server, you do not need to finish a special course (though special training may be required for bartenders in mixing drinks). What is important to land these positions is that you have good customer service skills. You need also to have the patience to work under pressure and on your feet for very long hours. Though the salary might be low initially, tips can make up for a good part of your income.


Managers handle the everyday operations of the establishment. The manager is also the one who checks and supervises the services of the servers. Many food establishments require people with previous work experience in managerial level or any kinds of employment history in the food service industry. So if you have worked in food service before, you can send your application to become a manager.


A person with previous criminal conviction can get the position of a chef, cook or master baker as long as he has the qualifications for it. Previous experience working in such position is a must though degrees in culinary arts or similar trainings or education are not required (but are very helpful).

The food service jobs mentioned above are among the most common jobs available for people with criminal records. However, keep in mind that if you really like to work in this industry, there are more job options for you. You can create your own restaurant or even create your own food manufacturing business. You can bake bread and start a bakery or open catering and food delivery business.

The food service industry offers unlimited opportunities for felons like you to start over. Maybe it is time for you to try looking for food service jobs for felons!


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