Does a Confinement Lady Always Need a Confinement Nanny?

It is very common for a confinement lady to hire a confinement nanny prior to delivering her baby, but there are some women now questioning whether this is really necessary. Do you have to hire a confinement nanny as a confinement lady, or is it possible to survive this period of your life without that extra help?

For starters, it is important to point out that a confinement nanny is much more than a bit of extra help. They bring a lot more into the home than just a couple of extra hands to do daily chores and cook meals. You aren’t hiring a maid, but a professional who knows all about the confinement period.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

No matter how many babies she has had, a confinement lady never knows it all. There are a million different things that can happen after you have a baby and you never know what or when these things are going to occur. She could have five very healthy pregnancies and experience almost the same things in confinement each time. Then suddenly the sixth baby has health problems, is colicky, or otherwise throws her a loop and proves much more difficult to handle.

Convincing yourself that you know it all and do not need a confinement nanny is always a big mistake. As soon as you do this something will come up that you don’t know how to handle and you will be on your own. A professional confinement nanny will always know what to do and therefore they are a complete necessity for every confinement lady.

What you don’t know about confinement can hurt you and there is always something you don’t know!

Just Get Your Rest

If nothing else, a confinement nanny is essential to ensure that the lady gets enough sleep to feel good and take care of her baby. If there is no one else in the home to take care of the baby so the new mother can get some rest, then a confinement nanny is someone who can take professional care of the baby so sleep can be obtained on a routine basis.

While the confinement lady is sleeping, a confinement nanny will also do some of the household chores and other tasks that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of a sleep deprived, overly exhausted confinement 產後護理 lady. Even if a nanny does nothing else but basic chores and babysitting so the confinement lady can get some sleep, she will be more than worth her fee.

So, the answer to the question is yes. Every confinement lady does need a confinement nanny, regardless of how many times she has gone through confinement. Every baby is different and every pregnancy ends in a different way. There is no guarantee that things will all go smoothly or that everything will be just the same as they were in previous confinement periods.

You need a nanny to ensure the health of your baby and your own body. There is a lot at stake here and you should never take risks in this department. Bring in your confinement nanny prior to becoming a confinement lady and you will have a happy, healthy baby and adequate rest. With a nanny you can have it all.


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