Ceramic and Tourmaline Flat Irons: Comparison

The use of metal flat irons has come to a total end with the increasing reports of their hair damages. As a result of years of research and analysis for a safer and efficient alternative for metal tools, the ceramic and tourmaline models have been invented. Made with ceramic or tourmaline plates or with the combination of both, the ceramic and tourmaline hair straighteners have now replaced all other traditionally used straightening methods as they are regarded as the safer and the most efficient styling tools available today. Ceramic and tourmaline materials that are capable of canceling the intensity of heat on the hair are used as heating elements in such high quality device because of which they safeguard the hair from being burned, pulled, over heated or damaged during the process of styling. Ceramic and tourmaline hair straighteners are a boon to those who were unable to style their fragile, frizzy and dry hair with the fear that the condition may become further worse. But the advance technologies used in the ceramic and tourmaline stylers make them ideal to be used on any type of damaged hair without causing any harm to the hair. On the other hand, such frizzy and fragile hair that had lost its Customized ceramic planter natural shine and beauty can be restored with the use of these best quality flat irons.

The introduction of ceramic styling tools offers great opportunity for people to acquire different trendy hairstyles within a few minutes without any hair damages. While giving a long lasting result after styling, ceramic and tourmaline models work gently and softly with the hair, thereby locking the natural hair moisture and guards the scalp and hair against and bacterial or fungal formation. Thus, it is means you are not only provided with beautiful hair, but also clean and healthy scalp. The tourmaline straighteners are considered having better efficiency in offering heat protection than the ceramic hair straighteners. This is because; the tourmaline materials when heated can produce more negative ions than the ceramic materials and thus offer six times better heat protection of the hair during styling. This has made the tourmaline hair even better than the ceramic flat irons. another feature than makes tourmaline styling rod more preferred than the ceramic flat iron is that it offers quick styling within 25 seconds whereas the ceramic iron may take more time.

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