A selection of things you might need to consider before booking a spray tan treatment

This could be the case because you may be in two minds about whether a spray tan is the best option for you.For that reason zz have compiled a list of the key things to mull over before arranging a spray tan:It is essential to find out how long a spray tan will last and the time required between sessions. Constant exfoliation from clothes and washing sheds dead skin cells,

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 which is why natural sun tans fades relatively quickly. It is common for a tan to last around 7 days but the general window is anywhere from 5 to 10 days if the skin is cared for. However, if the person is careful to avoid exfoliation and applies a moisturiser daily then the effects can last slightly longer. That said, results vary as everybody is different and their skin will respond differently to the effects of the spray tanning fluid.The main component in a spray on tan is the chemical dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and although it is non-toxic it can be an allergen to some people. Thanks Lost Mary to this, people new to spray tanning should really have an allergy test before using a tanning booth for the first time. Even though this form of allergy is very rare, it’s definitely a good idea to have the patch test done before you get a tan! After all it is better to be safe than sorry especially as the DHA will span the whole of your body and this means the allergic reaction will be quite large and not localised.Spray tanning booths aren’t everyone’s choice and in fact whether a person decides to use one should depend upon their complexion. Spray tanning fluid works by enhancing and complimenting natural skin tones so it is therefore suited to users who have a darker skin colour. For example, a person with a Mediterranean complexion may definitely benefit from stepping into a spray tanning booth. Alternatively a person with fair skin might think that the bronze effect doesn’t appear as natural as it would on others.The cost of spray tanning can vary depending on the location of the store and the particular service that’s asked for. Making regular bookings for consecutive treatments can also change the prices. For example a spray on tan from sienna-x.co.uk can cost just over £25, but this payment also includes items that need to be applied before and after the procedure to help boost tanning. Booking in advance can help many clients to make a saving. For example, multi-tan sessions are offered at a reduced rate or can come with an additional session for free. Spray tan parties, where the host gets a free tan, are also available sometimes.People can prepare for a spray tan in a couple of different ways. Firstly you should scrub off any dead skin cells with a thorough exfoliation. This is because in order for the spray tan to be effective, a person will have to refrain from having a shower for at least 12 hours after the application. To get a really even finish on their tan the person is advised to shave or wax the day before their tan application. Finally it is important to come to your appointment in loose, dark coloured clothing as following the application is it possible that some of the tan may rub off onto clothes.By following these guidelines you should have a clear idea of whether a spray on tan is a good idea for you.

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