A Quick Look Into The Types Of Anchor Bolts

An Anchor Bolt is a type of bolt fastener, which is used to attach structures to concrete. It is available in wide options and having great knowledge of all its type is crucial to make an ideal buying decision. So, before you explore the market, take a dive into the different of its types available that make your selection task easier and wiser. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to know more.

Sleeve Anchor Bolt: It is also recognized as a self-locking anchor that you can avail with a hex head finish, which makes it easy to remove and vibration resistant. This type of bolt has great demand in concrete, block, stone, etc. Also, their installation is quite simple; you just need to insert them into a drilled hole into the concrete.
Wedge Anchor Bolt: Another type in our list is wedge anchor that is mainly designed to use in the concrete. Nut and washer are mainly connected with its threaded end and can be easily combined with the external load. Due to its rough design, it has great demand in a number of construction industries.
Wall Anchor Bolt: As the name depicts, these are mainly used for walls. These are not only used on the walls, but in many other applications. Their strong structure keeps it safe and helps them to stay longer in the use. Also, it requires minimum maintenance and provides great support.lag bolts for wood
Drop In Anchor Bolt: These are very much demanded for setting in cavity ceiling and their low anchoring depth is ideal for reducing the drilling time. Due to their strong construction, they have high load capacity and get installed with a special technique.
Tam Anchor Bolt: These types of bolts are mainly used in applications like semi-solid base material and concrete as well. They are ideal for heavy as well as light weight applications and have corrosion and chemical resistant property, which elevated its working life.
These are some of the common types of anchor bolts you may find in the market. Though the list never ends here, there are some other designs and types available, but these are common and highly demanded among them all. To end up with a right fastener, you should consult a reliable Bolt Manufacturer that offer all types of fasteners in all the specifications, so you can get right quality and quantity without breaking the bank that too under the same roof.

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